R. ドロップイアリング / R. Drop Earring
R. ドロップイアリング / R. Drop Earring
R. ドロップイアリング / R. Drop Earring
R. ドロップイアリング / R. Drop Earring
Lofty Bamboo

R. ドロップイアリング / R. Drop Earring

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Materials: 925 Silver with gold plated, natural stones
We made these urban designs using traditional handicraft skills. You can choose from four kinds of natural stones.

Quartz Crystal (transparent)
It pulls up and revitalize your potential capacities. We recommend if you need to achieve your dreams and your targets.


Aqua Calcedony (light blue)
It gives you a peace in your hart. We recommend if you are working in tense atmosphere or need to intensify your abilities for your exam.


Pink Calcedony(pink)
It is fulfilled with warmest loves. We recommend if you need to intensify your confidence with your family, partner and colleagues.


Prehnite(yellow green)
It intensifies your soul and emotion making your intuitiveness higher. Then you can perceive the essence of something. We recommend if you need to calm your emotion and hope to spiritual stabilization.

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